A veteran of the Baltimore music scene, Markman has played with a variety of Mobtown bands from country to avant-garde, from folk-rock to R&B. He is probably most recognizable for his stints as guitarist with Baltimore’s premier improvising roots band Freewater in the ‘70s and with Disappear Fear, featuring Sonia, in the ‘90s. On his 2005 solo album, "Half Smiles Blue Skies," Markman drew from the instrumental prowess of the first band and the songwriting ambition of the second to carve out a personal collection of songs, exploring a life that sometimes gets dark, sad, and lonely but can still be a wild and deeply satisfying ride.  The songs on his new album, Welcome to Smalltimore, combine pop sensibilities with a twangy guitar and a quirky worldview of a delighted cynic. With his new band, Palookaville, featuring an all-star cast, Howard continues to bring all this material to life, delighting crowds, while continuing to evade the musical border police.

howard markman

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